Friday, November 9, 2012

Elecoldxhot members profile

As a fan, all I'm doing here is merely servicing the other fans by researching and gathering our idols' profile and information so we can understand them better ;D

Name: Chris Ooi Kok Wei
DOB: 10th November 1986
Horoscope: Scorpio
Age: 26
Gender: Male
From: Perak
Style: LA style

Name: Dennis Yin Zhen Huang
DOB: 28th November 1988
Horoscope: Sagittarius 
Age: 24
Gender: : Male
From: Melacca
Religion: Buddhist
Style: LA style

Name: Joe Lin Yit Zhou
DOB: 8th July 1993
Horoscope: Cancer
Age: 19 
Gender: : Male
From: Rawang, Selangor
Style: Popping, breaking

Name: Joey Ang Joo Yee
DOB:  9th March 1990
Horoscope: Pieces 
Age: 22
Gender: : Male
From: Penang
Style: Breaking 

Name: Billy Yap Jin Hou
DOB: 13th March 1990
Horoscope: Pieces
Age: Kuala Lumpur 
Gender: : Male
From: 22
Style: Locking, Popping

If any information given above is wrong, please correct it by commenting below :) Use the info at your own risk. The author will not be responsible for any damage, inconvenience, loss, damage or grief which might be caused to the user or his property.

Monday, July 2, 2012

working life

hey guys, sorry for not updating the blog for so long.. well, it's not like anyone cares i guess..haha...
so yeah, i'm back from Bintulu for about 1 month now and started working as a consultant in an engineering firm. it's my dream job. i mean, after you graduated from engineering school, naturally you would want to work as a consultant, especially if you're a girl and don't want to get dirty and sweaty under the sun.
this job is predictable, routine and stable. this is what i always wanted... or so i thought.

you see, this place where i work, is a place where sitting next to a window is actually a luxury. it's practically a benefit that only engineers or senior draftmen and above can get. do you believe that having a window next to you and being able to look outside for greens and blue sky can make you feel happier? it's not a myth in a place like this. i really appreciate a ray of sunshine to shine through the window and falls on my cold little table. i'm even happier when it begins to you can only sit at your own place and stare at your work and the same piece of partition in front of you for the whole 8 hours. well that's only for me, if you're sociable enough and like to go around the office and chat with other people once in a while then maybe you can cut that down to 6 or 7 hours. which is not that all impressive.

anyway... what i wanted to say is that, although this office is cold, the people are even cooler. i dont even care if it's proper english to put it this way, but you get my point. their hearts, long exposed in this cold, dark and confined space, have forgotten the warmth of love. this guy, he's been seasoned real well and kept in this freezer for nearly 30 years. and his heart is as hard as a freezing piece of meat. and because he's been living in this freezer for too long, he's forgotten about warmth. he fears heat. he fears being defrost because it makes him soft and vulnerable then anything can come and pierce it or cut it into pieces. so he stays in the freezer to stay strong, to protect himself, and he keeps upholding the belief that staying in the freezer is the only way to survive. he spreads the gospel but he never believe anyone would survive with him. and when every time the freezer door is open, he would kick those innocent young meat to the front, causing them to get defrost and eaten.

so one fine day,

human: frozen meat? wtf! how long have you been here?!
frozen meat: this is the end for me. i never thought it would be so soon...
human: oh frozen meat don't be upset, i will let you die with pride, since you are expired i cant eat you anyway.

so human dumped frozen meat on the floor and it shattered it into pieces. he dies as a hard frozen meat. his upholding prevented him from being eaten. he is proud to be the only piece of meat to die this way.

but how foolish frozen meat was indeed. he never realize that for a meat like him, he was supposed to be eaten. his nutrient was supposed to be absorbed and used for the good of the nature.

well, you know the meaning to this story. it can have many implications depends on how you see it. but if you feel pity for the frozen meat because you feel him, you might be a frozen meat yourself.

eventually, people will learn to protect themselves against the evil of the world. but when it becomes the belief or the principle of your life, you are going a bit too far. it's like, you think your car shell is too soft, so you use diamonds to armour it because diamond is the hardest material in the world, you think i'd be better equip your car with some nuclear weapon so no one dares to come close to you, so no one can damage your car, so no one can harm you. but do you realise that you yourself are putting others in danger while doing so?

you get the point. well, let's see if i'll become a frozen meat one day.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sexy and I know it (Hakka version) translation

My English sucks.. but here's the rough translation:)

Yo, when I walk pass, old ladies and hot chicks check me out
Who's fit enough to dance and sing? You better back off if you're not that fit
This is my style, rap in Hakka also requires potential
My name is Ah Fu, you can search for me at Facebook, yo
Arghh, look at my six pack
Arghh, look at my biceps
Arghh, look at my triceps
I I I.. I go to the gym

I go to club and pub and this is what I see
Everyone is staring at me
There's a snake in my pants, and I want to show it to you
I'm sexy and I know it!! Yeah x 4
I'm sexy and I know it!! Yeah x 2
Do you want to check it out

*don't know how to translate this line :P*
Go to the beach, I'll show you what is real MAN
This is my style, everyone's looking at me that I can't go home
Go to the town and chilling with chicks, you don't need to apply gel if you're hot
Arghh, look at my six pack
Arghh, look at my biceps
Arghh, look at my triceps

Friday, September 2, 2011

Astro Battleground 2011: Katoon Network

Remember I told you Astro Battleground (ABG) is one of the biggest street dance competitions in Malaysia? IT IS BACKKK YO PEEPS !!!! Just as I thought ABG has gone downhill, suddenly many awesome teams are showing up on the show again! If you are one of the loyal fans of Elecoldxhot you won't have missed the news that Joe Lin is joining this year's ABG under team F.I.X. Not to forget Chris Ooi's Junior, Freshype and one of the senior break dance teams in Malaysia, Floor Fever.

But none of the groups caught my attention more than Katoon Network! They were the champion team of ABG 2009, 2nd-runner up of Asian MRT Cup 2010 at Taiwan, Malaysian represent for Hip Hop International 2011 at Las Vegas, performers at The Big Groove 2010 at Singapore and winner of many other local and international street dance competitions. With such vast experiences and strong background, I just couldn't expect less from them. Let's see how much they have progressed over the last 2 years.. :D

Astro Battleground is about to get really interesting again this season so don't miss it!! :D Now for some sneak peek of Katoon Network's performance at ABG audition.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8tv showdown 2011 final

Well, there you have it, the champion of 8tv Showdown 2011, Elecoldxhot!!!! Congratulations guys!! :D

So I predicted wrong. Elecoldxhot did have something up their sleeves after all. I like how they use different music genre, like dubstep in the first routine. But the show that blown us away have got to be the second show. The second routine was the best, I would say, of all the performances they have done throughout the show. They finally get rid of the annoying idle which they like to incorporate in the middle of the routine. They finally speed up, although still not much grooving, but fast movements really make the show a lot more exciting. So, kudos to the choreographer.

In the battle round, I really think that HMC Phlow did a better job. They seem much more prepared and focused. Their sets were also more neat and please to watch. Elecoldxhot on the other hand, idle a lot during the battle. Before they took their first move, they were sort of lost... They wasted some time scouting the stage while discussing for strategies or waiting for their song to come in, or something like that... It was obvious that they weren't well prepared. At that moment, I thought that was it for them. But luckily they managed to show some stunts before the time was up.

The next most anticipated competition would be Astro Battleground 2011/2012, which hopefully will take place at the fourth quarter of the year. I am looking forward to see more talents this year. It kinda went downhill after the third season but I still believe there are crouching tigers and hidden dragons...Please come out from where you're hiding cause we need to see you :D

Speaking of which I've came across a very talented young man, called Lee Hann Sen, aka B-boy Hann Sen. So far I only know he is or was a member of Famous Crew, he competed in a few B-boy competition such as BOTY and I-battle Penang (search through Youtube). Really hope to see more of him soon :)

Check out his crazy moves:

8tv showdown 2011 final: result prediction

Wow what's this! Dennis is totally stressed out.. :( Through Dennis's confession, it seems like there's a lot of conspiracy in 8tv Showdown 2011 competition. He seems quite unhappy with the competition particularly with how 8tv organises things. From his words, it can also be deduced that Elecoldxhot is having some dispute with other teams... O.o

Do check out other videos provided in the link.

AND OMG!!! Rokustep has fans from JAPAN!!!!!! O.O''' For real??? Suggooiiii


So... tonight is the night! Who will win Showdown 2011? First and foremost, I guess every team that goes into the final deserves a standing ovation. Great job and thank you for all the wonderful times ;D

Frankly, I thought Elecoldxhot would win this competition, but I was shocked when I know their votes weren't the highest. The votes they got could only earn them 2nd runner up. But they definitely deserve more votes yo, so keep voting..

For the result prediction... I'm definitely not as good as Paul, just giving some personal opinions here.. I think..
HMC Phlow would win the title,
Elecoldxhot 1st runner up,
2nd runner up, Bounce Steppers
Rokustep would stand a chance IF Showdown were meant for B-boys.

But the judges and the fans made it clear that this competition is NOT about skills and power moves all along, it's about entertainment...Cause face it, not all the audience know hip hop dances. Not all understand the level of difficulty of a move. Not all appreciate stunts. We normal people only recognise the entertainment value of a show. If the show if interesting enough, then you have our votes.

HMC Phlow would win because I think they showed very consistent performances throughout the show, you can expect good show from them during the final as well. To me, the only thing they lack is attitude...You know, all of them looked too friendly... Show serious faces and held your heads up higher like Faruq, you'll be more destructive.

If Elecoldxhot cannot get champion, it's really not the team we should blame... The judges like them, they've demonstrated high quality of performances every week, there is no way they could lose this competition, really.

But since the show is coming to an end, I guess I can at least voice out my tiny little disappointment about this team that I held so long.
Elecoldxhot, no doubt they can blow the stage, that is, if they let the right person to choreograph... ;D You can definitely figure out their style now --- LA style. But sorry to say...LA style is not interesting enough for an ordinary audience like me... I do hope that they let the one with true talent to choreograph the last and most essential show tonight! I've watched quite a number of their shows and I think, if I guess right, 'that guy' is too confident of himself. He doesn't realize that he needs to absorb more variety of styles into his routine. The other guys in the team who knew this all along, please voice out and help him realize his routine is getting boring. So all I can say is, good luck Elecoldxhot.

Tonight, 930pm, 8tv, 2011 final Showdown. Don't miss it.